Your 1958 Guest Managers

Like I did with my 1977 replay, I’ve assembled a collection of worthy blogging folks to “absentee manage” most of the teams. All they do is supply me with starting rotations and lineups, then kick back with their lemonades and microbrews to follow the results. They’re all fine writers, hopefully good sports, and deserve your attention via the following linkage:


CUBS: Scott Simkus, of The Outsider Baseball Bulletin

REDS: Jimmy Moore, of A Second Time Through the Order

GIANTS: Daniel Day, Director of News & Editorial Services at Princeton, and The Ball Caps Blog

DODGERS: Bill Miller, of The On Deck Circle

BRAVES: Larry Granillo, of Wezen-Ball on Baseball Prospectus

PIRATES: Pat Lackey, of Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke?

CARDS: Daniel Shoptaw, of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and C70 At the Bat

PHILLIES: Max Gallner of The Eric Bruntlett Fan Club and Paul Dylan of One for Five


RED SOX: Mike Lynch, of Seamheads

WHITE SOX: Rob Warmowski, of Can’t Stop the Bleeding

INDIANS: The Common Man, of The Platoon Advantage

TIGERS: Dan McCloskey, of Left Field

YANKEES: Kevin Graham, of Baseball Revisited

SENATORS: Ted Leavengood, Washington baseball scholar, of Nationals Archive

ORIOLES: T. J. Smith of Eutaw Street Hooligans

ATHLETICS: Aaron Stilley of Royal Heritage


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