May 22, 1958

I wasn’t in the mood to do a damn thing today. My visit to the S.F.P.D. was a frustrating waste of time, like I figured it might be. Bought a quart of milk, a loaf of Wonder Bread and some tuna fish for my empty kitchen, then parked myself on the porch steps for most of the afternoon with a fresh pack of Camels and read the newspaper.

Not much going on. Some guy rode a “water-braked rocket sled” at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico the other day at a record 82.6 G. If I were ever to go that fast I’d sure want more than 0.4 seconds of glory. A new science fiction movie called Attack of the 50-Foot Woman had just come out, and I made a note to catch that one.

Otherwise, dullsville. And no ball games till night time. I swept the floors, made things a little more homey. Plugged in a radio and listened to some fine Nat Cole music on KJBS. Still felt pretty empty, though, so headed over to the Double Play for an early burger and some drafts around five o’clock.

The Giants were kicking off a three-gamer in Milwaukee, first time they’ve played the World Champs this season, and Chumpo had Russ Hodges’ call piped in loud at the bar. Eddie Mathews took Stu Miller out of the park in the very first inning, and the more we couldn’t do a thing off Bob Rush, the more Hamms I drank. Finally Miller singled in our first run to tie the game in the 5th, and the place whooped it up some.

“I don’t get this team,” said Chumpo, “First two weeks of the year no one can get them out, and now getting runs is like yanking teeth.”
“That’s baseball.”
“No, that’s a bunch of malarkey!”

I wish Chumpo used a different word. I hadn’t thought about those cop clowns for 24 hours, and now it all came back again. Especially Malarkey’s comments about Liz being a tomato.

When Schoendienst walked, Mel Roach hit a pinch-double, and Covington drove in the Braves’ 2-1 winner with a single in front of Kirkland, the beers did their work on my manhood and I found myself missing her. I asked Chumpo to slide over the bar phone, dialed Liz’s long distance number.

“Hello?” She sounded like she was at the bottom of a well.
“Hey. Guess who.”
“Well my my. Didn’t think I’d hear from you for a while. Sounds pretty noisy at the Double Play.”
“Good guess…You’re smart. That’s what I like about you, Liz.”
“Oh. As opposed to my shoes? Or…my shapely figure?”
“Like that too…”
“Snap? How drunk are you?”
“Whaddya mean?”
“What I mean is I can smell the booze with my ear.”

Chumpo gave me a quizzical look. I rolled my eyes and he got the message.

“Okay, so I had a couple. Nothing to do with why I’m calling though—”
“So why are you calling?”
“‘Cause I’m havin’ a tough week here. Lookin’ into this Candlestick land mess involving Henry North and the Mayor, and no one’s around, and I even swept our place today and I miss you, Liz. Yeah, that’s it. I really miss you.”

There was a very long pause at the end of the line.

“You’re talking about Mayor Christopher?”
“Yeah, yeah. Good old George the Greek…Anyway, let’s get together again, okay? I’ll drive down and we can go to Tijuana. Or maybe even halfway, like meet in San Luis Obispo. We can visit a winery and drink for a while.”
“I think you’ve been drinking enough as it is, Snap. Let me call you this weekend—”
“Somethin’ wrong? Hey…You got a new guy over there?”
“Sure, Snap. Every night.”

CLICK. I let the receiver drop on the bar. Chumpo walked back over to take the phone and I picked it up again. Stared at the receiver for a good second or two.

“She’s not inside of this anymore…”


S.F. 000 010 000 – 1 7 0
MIL 100 000 01x – 2 6 1
W-Rush L-Miller SV-Robinson HR: Mathews GWRBI-Covington
Giants need to get home soon—for all our sake.

L.A. 020 000 000 – 2 8 1
CIN 000 001 24x- 7 10 0
W-Purkey L-Williams SV-Klippstein HR: Robinson GWRBI-Temple
First time in the Queen City this year, things were so nice and rosy for Stan Williams, throwing a 1-hitter with two gone in the 6th. Then Frank Robinson homered. Then with two gone in the 7th, MacMillan and Bob Thurman singled. Then Roger Craig came in and then Johnny Temple tripled. Then the first five Redlegs reached in the 8th. Then the Dodgers went back to their hotel and drank heavily.

STL 331 201 100 – 11 14 1
PGH 020 000 001 – 3  5  3
W-Mizell L-Kline GWRBI-Boyer
Bittersweet night for the Cards, as they trounce Pittsburgh behind Vinegar Bend mizell, but lose Irv Noren (10 games) and Musial (6 games) in the process.

CHC 002 000 020 – 4 8 2
PHL 000 000 032 – 5 5 1
W-Roberts L-Elston HRS: Thomson, Banks GWRBI-Hemus
Cubs continue to struggle and Phillies to amaze. Despite six walks, Moe Drabowsky takes a 4-0 lead and no-hitter into the 8th, then falls apart like a rusty lawn mower. A horrible fielding play by Tony Taylor in the 9th surrounded by three singles gives the Phils two runs and another shocking win.

NYY 400 000 200 – 6 14 1
DET 500 000 000 – 5 10 0
W-Larsen L-Hoeft GWRBI-Mantle
Yanks hit Tiger Stadium for the first time and edge the Bengals in a weird one. Score four quick ones off Hoeft, only to have Detroit come back with five, capped by a bases-clearing triple by Red Wilson-fill in Charlie Lau. Then no one scores until the 7th, when a Carey single ties it and a Mick sac fly off Aguirre wins it. Kaline whiffs with two aboard against Larsen to end the game.

BAL 020 000 000 – 2 5 0
CHX 101 000 02x – 4 8 0
W-Wynn L-Portocarrero HR: Phillips GWRBI-Phillips
Nice little duel between Arnie and Early, decided by Bubba with a 2-run bleacher shot in the 8th.

WAS 300 010 001 – 5 8 0
CLE 000 004 000 – 4 13 1
W-Hyde L-Score HRS: Sievers, Colavito GWRBI-Pearson
Tribe makes it a battle, but a Bridges double and singles by Yost and Pearson of the usually reliable Herb Score in the 9th give the Senators their ninth win of the year. Yahoo.

BOS 011 000 060 – 8 11 0
K.C. 004 000 210 – 7 10 1
W-Kiely L-Gorman SV-Smith HRS: Buddin, Daley, Renna, Runnels GWRBI-Renna
The Red Sox flattened the A’s back in Boston, and this time mug them from behind. Down 6-2 with two gone in the 8th and nobody on base, Garver and Gorman give up the following: walk-walk-Buddin homer-single-Renna pinch homer-Runnels homer. Wall is unavailable for the save, but the awful Riverboat Smith is able to plug all leaks.


Braves +41
Pirates +18
Phillies +4
Dodgers +3
Reds –9
Cards –11
Cubs –17
Giants –27

Yankees +71
Indians +33
Orioles +26
Red Sox +3
Tigers –14
White Sox –20
Athletics –25
Senators –90

National League through Thursday, May 22

Cincinnati 19 14 .576
Philadelphia 18 16 .529 1.5
San Francisco 18 18 .500 2.5
St. Louis 17 17 .500 2.5
Milwaukee 17 17 .500 2.5
Pittsburgh 18 19 .485 3
Chicago 17 19 .472 3.5
Los Angeles 16 20 .444 4.5

American League through Thursday, May 22

New York 27 9 .750
Baltimore 21 15 .583 6
Chicago 20 16 .556 7
Boston 18 18 .500 9
Detroit 17 19 .472 10
Cleveland 18 21 .462 10.5
Kansas City 15 20 .429 10.5
Washington 9 27 .250 18