N.L. 010 302 030 – 9 10 0
A.L. 121 100 101 – 7 10 1

W-Elston L-Harshman SV-Craig HRS: Musial, Covington, Cerv, Carey, Runnels, Mantle, Nieman GWRBI-none (scored on WP) MVP-Ernie Banks

ALL-STAR CONTEST HAS A WINNER! Congrats to Jimmy Moore, who happens to be the skipper of our ’58 Reds, for coming the closest to the final 16-20-1 combined totals. Jimmy’s nearly psychic entry came in at 13-20-1, and he wins two groovy CDs! (With Cincy currently in the ’58 dog house, Jimmy needs all the grooves he can get.) Naturally, a big thanks to everyone who entered.

Monday may be Labor Day, but Snappy will still be up bright and early to post his first second-half chapter of this baseball noir. Have a great mysterious weekend!