July 16, 1958

It’s hard enough just to talk to a dame. Try reasoning with one when she’s been up half the night and into the next morning typing away on her first novel on a cigarette and coffee jag.

“She followed you for HOW long again?”
“I just told you. From the top of the Hyde line to the bottom of the hill.”


Liz, did you hear what I said? What does it matter if she followed me on foot twenty blocks before that?”
“If you feel like you need to go out on me, Snap, just say so.”
“Who said going out? I said maybe tail her and see if it leads to some good Mayor creeps. That whole thing at Candlestick Point could be a coverup and this Peanut Man guy, whoever he really is, could have been hired by them. Wasn’t that the first place I ‘met’ him?”
“Hmm…Sounds like a big old conclusion-jump. If you ask me, a lady in distress curdles your milk every time, and that’s what this is really about.”


“What, you don’t think the Candlestick Point business is a big sleazy pit? That all kinds of crimes can be linked to it? Both Henry North and now his wife have hinted that.”


“Liz, you’re really being no help at all here.”


She practically used her fists on the last two keys. Pulled out yet another cigarette and lit up. The ashtray beside her already looked like Mt. McKinley.

“Snap. What do you want me to say? You want to follow Mrs. Drake all over town, then go ahead. If I were you I’d just go see the Mayor and smack an answer out of him.”
“I tried that.”
“Then try harder.”

New clacking erupted. I stormed out of her place.

* * *

Down at City Hall, Mayor Christopher still had the same unbearable secretary he had last time, Mrs. Bluebottom. Like Liz, she was also busy pounding a keyboard into submission. At least she stopped when I entered.

“Remember me?”
“No sir, I don’t.” She went a bit pale, reached for something under her desk. Came out with a piece of tissue to remove a stray muffin crumb from her chin.
“Milton Drake. I was here about two months ago, left you a note to give to the Mayor. Which you did, right?”
“Yes. I suppose I must have.”
“Well, suppose you pick up that phone and let him know I’m here. And don’t give me any moose dung about him being out to lunch or in a meeting or at the doctor or playing golf or in a steam bath, okay?”
“I don’t have to, Mr. Drake. The Mayor will see you now. Just walk down the hall to the first door on the right. I believe he’s alone in our conference room.”
“Oh…okay. Thanks.”

I left her office, made a left and headed down the hall. Walked into the open conference room and two large brutes grabbed me from both sides, hauled me into a back stairwell and began punching. I could have gotten my arms free and knocked out both of them, but my head got in the way of their fists.

Apparently, seeing the Mayor was going to be a recurring problem.


PHI 010 010 000 – 2 4 1
S.F. 100 200 02x – 5 10 2
W-Antonelli L-Semproch SV-Grissom HRS: Herrera-2, Davenport, Wagner GWRBI-Davenport
Ushering a ballgame with a black eye and blood dripping on your white uniform from a busted lip isn’t the most fun job in the world, but it’s hard to miss any Giants games these days. From what I could make out, this one was worth it. Antonelli had things going his way again. Backup Phillie first sacker Pancho Herrera smacked him for two solo homers but that was the only runs they got. Meanwhile Wagner collected a single to knock in our 1st inning run after Ashburn dropped one for a two-base error. Up 3-2 he doubled off the top of the fence, then was out at the plate trying to score two outs later on a Davenport fly. No matter. Bottom of the 8th, Wags crushed a Semproch fastball over the right field wall for super-duper insurance. Antonelli gave up a double, walk, and plunked Herrera on the noggin with one out in the 9th, but Marv Grissom relieved and threw one pitch, a 4-6-3 DP ball to Harry Anderson that slammed the door on this sweat box.

MIL 200 000 000 – 2 8 2
STL 122 001 00x – 6 7 3
W-Jones L-Jay HR: Musial GWRBI-Cunningham
And surprise, surprise! The Cards win another game, and beat the best in the process. Cunningham makes up for a horrible error in the 1st that leads to both Brave runs by doubling in the go-ahead St. Louis tallies in the 2nd. The biggest shock is that Sad Sam Jones isn’t wretched, whiffing ten and walking only one.

CIN 000 010 001 – 2 7 0
CHI 000 100 002 – 3 9 0
W-Henry L-Haddix HRS: Haddix, Banks, Long GWRBI-Dark
The Cubbies are making sure no one forgets about them. After the Reds go ahead in the 9th on a Haddix homer, Long ties it with one of his own, Bill Henry doubles and Dark singles him home.

PIT 000 001 100 – 2 7 2
L.A. 100 000 30x – 4 8 0
W-Podres L-Witt HRS: Zimmer, Neal GWRBI-Zimmer
Patience pays off. The Dodgers leave 13 men on base against walk-happy George Witt in the first six innings, then say the hell with this approach and whack back-to-back jacks by Zimmer and Neal to take the game in the 7th and inch back above .500 again.

DET 001 000 000 – 1 5 1
NYY 004 024 01x – 11 16 0
W-Ditmar L-Lary HRS: Slaughter-3, Berra-2 GWRBI-Slaughter
Yes, the Tigers actually have a lead in this one. Which lasts for almost 3.5 seconds. Enos Slaughter turns in a Dick Gernert-esque performance, three consecutive homers and eight RBIS. Yogi can only muster two homers on the day and the Yankee lead expands to a season-high nine and a half games.

K.C. 500 000 010 – 6 5 1
BOS 101 020 000 – 4 9 1
W-Terry L-Bowsfield SV-Gorman HRS: Maris, Renna GWRBI-Cerv
No expected Red Sox explosion happens, as Gorman relieves Ralph Terry with three scoreless innings to help the A’s big first inning hold up. Only the third time K.C. has beaten Boston in fourteen tries.

CHI 004 000 100 – 5 12 0
BAL 001 000 000 – 1 4 0
W-Latman L-Brown GWRBI-Landis
Three doubles and four triples highlight the Chisox attack, and Latman shuts down the O’s with ease.

CLE 000 100 000 – 1 4 0
WAS 012 101 00x – 5 10 0
W-Romonosky L-Grant HR: Zauchin GWRBI-Lemon
A big part of Cleveland’s mediocre record falls on the head of Mudcat Grant, who just never throws a good game. In 107 innings now he is 3-11, 5.97 with 57 walks, 16 homers and a hideous 1.63 WHIP. If they had someone better in the wings to take his place it would be a done deal. Meanwhile, two straight wins for the Nats!

National League through Wednesday, July 16

Milwaukee 48 38 .558
San Francisco 46 41 .529 2.5
Chicago 46 42 .523 3
Philadelphia 44 41 .518 3.5
Los Angeles 44 43 .506 4.5
Pittsburgh 41 45 .477 7
St. Louis 40 44 .476 7
Cincinnati 36 51 .414 12.5

American League through Wednesday, July 16

New York 59 28 .678
Boston 49 37 .570 9.5
Baltimore 49 40 .551 11
Chicago 48 41 .539 12
Detroit 43 44 .494 15
Cleveland 44 45 .494 15
Kansas City 35 51 .407 23.5
Washington 24 65 .270 36


Braves +99
Dodgers +13
Pirates +4
Phillies +2
Cubs –8
Giants –14
Cards –46
Reds –54

Yankees +143
Orioles +49
Red Sox +84
Indians +30
White Sox –24
Tigers –25
Athletics –102
Senators –161