SRPaddedAugust 21, 1958

Darwin woke me at the crack of dawn to make me happy again. As in, my morning pills. Can’t remember what their names were, but there were two, and it even felt wonderful to get my gown changed after I took them.

Actually, I felt so great and was being so polite that the docs said I could lose my straps and see a few of these visitors Darwin said were “cue-lined up” outside.

Unfortunately, the first one was Brewster. He sat in chair next to the bed and shook his head at me a good thirty seconds before saying one word.

“How’d we ever get to this, Drake?”
“Thought you were the detective here.”
“I’m a Special FBI Agent. We have a broader scope than that. And I can tell you Mr. Stoneham is about to have heart failure. He’s got the Reds, Braves and Dodgers in town on this massive home stand and the papers are calling his park Sealed Tomb Stadium.”
“That’s his problem. Maybe he needs to offer fans a big reward for capturing the killer.”
“Over 22,000 amateur cops in the place? I don’t think so.” He leaned in and squinted. “But tell me something Drake. For my own peace of mind. What really happened when you were on morphine the other day?”
“Think I know? That stuff doesn’t even help you remember your name.”
“Right. But two employees we questioned saw you go in the clubhouse with your usher hat on, and one saw you leave without it.”
“And that means I killed the kid? Maybe I dropped it in the stupor I was in, and the killer used it for a decoration later.”
“It would certainly help if you could re—”
“It would help if you could figure out who the hell has been shadowing me and ruining my life!”
“I’m afraid that’s going to have to be your job, Drake. You’re the one with the sketchy past. Just waiting for the pictures to be filled in.”

I said I needed a nap. It got him out of there. Darwin brought me a soggy tuna sandwich for lunch and then I had a surprise visit from my other personal investigator.

“They couldn’t even give you a window? This is what you get for not listening to me,” said my mother.
“And hello to you, too.”
“What did I tell you, Milton? About your blackouts?”

“Mom, it doesn’t matter what you told me. It wouldn’t matter if two hundred doctors and their priests told me. How was I supposed to prevent another one from happening?”
“By eating vegetables and staying out of the ocean air, that’s how.”
“Science fiction, mom.”
“A mother’s advice is not fiction. It’s gold in your pocket. Just remember that.
“Well, what I need to remember is when my very first blackout happened and why.”

She clammed up. Scratched at a cuticle on one of her fingers.

“Please don’t make me bring up your father…”
“What’s he got to do with it?”

She sighed. Stood and paced around the tiny room. Like she was hoping a window might magically appear.

“I told him it was too much money. But he wouldn’t listen and he took you there…”
“Took me where?”
“Then that coach called. Soupy or whatever his name was. Said you fainted and hit your head and when you came out of it…You came out of it and you weren’t talking—”

She choked back some tears, then looked up in a sudden, scary rage.

“Why are you making me do this Milton??”

Grabbed her purse and stormed out of the room. I was tempted to ring for Darwin, tell him that a new mental patient had just escaped, but I couldn’t. After all, she was my mother.


CIN 000 000 000 – 0 3 1
S.F. 001 102 00x – 4 9 1
W-Antonelli L-Purkey HR: Mays GWRBI-Spencer
Guess Johnny didn’t need me around to warm him up this time, as he gets his eighth win with a brilliant 3-hit shutout. Say Hey Willie socks his 29th homer as we try to stay warm for the upcoming five-game series with Milwaukee.

MIL 000 001 200 – 3 7 0
L.A. 000 002 000 – 2 5 2
W-Willey L-Craig HR: Furillo GWRBI-Willey
Well, the Dodgers were on their way to making it two out of their first three with the Braves, and their fielders got in the way again. L.A. is rock bottom in defense, with 121 errors in 122 games, as first Hodges and then Fairly make key gaffes to help Carlton Willey take this one and keep Milwaukee one age up on the Cubs. Only silver lining for the rest of the league is Del Crandall getting hurt for four games, but the Braves have had injury issues all year.

PIT 000 110 000 – 2 6 0
CHI 000 000 30x – 3 7 1
W-Drabowsky L-Porterfield SV-Elston HR: Walls, GWRBI-Tanner
Cubbies are winning all the close ones, and here’s another. Porterfield takes a 1-hit shutout into the last of the 7th when Long leads with a double, and with two gone, Sammy Taylor singles, Adams singles, Neeman pinch-hits for pinch-hitter Tanner and singles and that’s that. Chicago is now 29-17 in one-run games, 15-3 in extra innings, and has 37 comeback wins, all best in the league.

PHI 010 100 001 – 3 12 0
STL 013 000 54x – 13 18 0
W-Jackson L-Roberts HRS: B.G. Smith, Boyer, Flood GWRBI-Musial
A reasonably close game until the Cards start getting every lucky 2-side roll in creation for the 7th and 8th innings. The Phillies have no idea what that means, don’t care, and figure to bounce back tomorrow.

CHX 000 001 201 001 – 5 12 0
NYY 000 201 010 000 – 4 12 1
W-Moore L-Dickson HRS: Mantle-2 GWRBI-Landis
Three straight Yankee losses to the midwestern thorns in their side cut their first place lead to seven games. this one’s a doozy, with the Yanks taking leads and the Chisox tying it up before a Callison triple and Landis sac fly win it in the 12th. Mantle’s two shots give him 36 on the season, but it would’ve helped if people were on base.

DET 000 000 010 – 1 4 0
BAL 000 000 002 – 2 5 2
W-Portocarrero L-Lary GWRBI-Nieman
The Tigers finally break through against Arnie with a Kaline sac fly in the 8th, only to have Lary crap his potential two-hit shutout away in the 9th. Green pinch-hit single, Williams single, Pilarcik double and a Nieman sac fly win it.

CLE 000 001 020 – 3 9 1
BOS 020 000 000 – 2 4 1
W-Score L-Sullivan HR: Doby GWRBI-Doby
Another tight shocker, this one won on a Doby two-run shot in the 8th. Herb Score wins another start, and is definitely Herbie being Herbie: ten whiffs and eight walks.

K.C. 120 100 001 – 5 10 2
WAS 211 010 63x – 14 20 1
W-Clevenger L-Terry HR: Cerv GWRBI-Bridges
With a chance to sock at least seventh place away, the A’s crumble late against the improved Nats. Rocky Bridges goes 5-for-5 and Sievers’ baseball-leading RBI count rises to 116.

National League through Thursday, August 21

Milwaukee 68 53 .562
Chicago 68 55 .553 1
San Francisco 64 57 .529 4
St. Louis 59 60 .496 8
Cincinnati 60 63 .488 9
Philadelphia 57 61 .483 9.5
Pittsburgh 54 67 .446 14
Los Angeles 54 68 .443 14.5

American League through Thursday, August 21

New York 75 46 .620
Chicago 68 53 .562 7
Baltimore 65 54 .546 9
Boston 64 56 .533 10.5
Cleveland 63 60 .512 13
Detroit 59 60 .496 15
Kansas City 49 71 .408 25.5
Washington 39 82 .322 36