thelarkatventura-LSeptember 22-23, 1958

Crazy me. Thinking Richard Tressip was dead. He knew damn well where I went, read the St. Louis society page and found himself a priest outfit before the church barbeque coals were even lit. With plenty of time to take out the two bored FBI agents, abduct Liz, scare the bejeezus out of Little Maxie and ruin what was a damn good party.

So last night, having pocketed the nice little portable-printed gem below that he left for me in the Doomis’ mailbox, I was soon on the California Zephyr back to San Fran. Screw Brewster and his incompetent G-men, screw my backup catcher act, screw being patient and to hell with the consequences. This thing was down to two games with the Cubs, and me against Him.




WAS 002 000 200 – 4 9 0
BAL 100 101 000 – 3 8 0
W-Kemmerer L-Johnson SV-Hyde HRS: Yost, Robinson GWRBI-Sievers
The Drive to Not Lose 100 is still alive! Sievers knocks in RBIs 138 and 139, Hyde saves the game with one pitch, if they win the next two in Baltimore, all the Nats have to do is sweep the Red Sox on the final weekend! Yeah, right.

CHI 460 000 110 – 12 12 0
S.F. 203 050 000 – 10 15 1
W-Nichols L-Giel SV-Elston HRS: Moryn, Walls-2, Mays-2 GWRBI-Walls
Not sure which was worse: the Giants losing this game, or me not being there to see it. Al Worthington is roasted the first two innings, but Say Hey Willie brings us all the way back, doubling home a run in the 1st, hitting a three-run homer in the 3rd, and sparking a five-run, game-tying rally in the 5th with a leadoff solo shot. Anderson finally relieves Hobbie, but Bressoud clears the bases with a triple and it’s 10-10! Meanwhile the Braves had mowed down the Phillies earlier, so every pitch now is critical. Lee Walls promptly socks one off Paul Giel for his second homer of the game and 31st of the year. A butchered fly by Leon Wagner in the 8th adds a Chicago insurance run, and Elston notches his 18th save to tie them with us for second place! Tomorrow afternoon it’ll be Antonelli against Dave Hillman with one team getting eliminated, and if I have to disguise myself in a nun’s habit I’m going to be there—because I’ll also have Tressip’s crazy Liz-finding clues to decipher. At least the Giants’ loss keeps her alive another day…

PHI 001 000 000 – 1 3 1
MIL 403 000 00x – 7 9 0
W-Jay L-Roberts GWRBI-Aaron
A big double by Aaron and bigger triple by Crandall spot the Braves four runs off Robin Roberts and they cruise from there to drop their magic number to a big one. They won’t play again until they host the Reds Friday, but only one pursuer will be alive by then.

STL 000 004 007 – 11 18 0
L.A. 200 000 020 – 4 6 0
W-Jones L-Roebuck HRS: Flood, Kasko, Furillo-2
Another double-homer day, this time by Furillo, who gives L.A. a quick lead in the 1st, then ties the game in the 8th, before Ed Roebuck and Fred Kipp hand the Cards seven runs in the 9th. Welcome home, Dodgers!

NYY 001 111 001 01 – 6 18 2
BOS 100 211 000 00 – 5 10 2
W-Duren L-Kiely HRS: McDougald, Slaughter, Buddin, Piersall GWRBI-Slaughter
The Yanks hit Beantown ready to rumble, but smack 18 hits and still have to struggle to win the game in extras. It’s a thriller, though, as New York ties it up four different times, the last one on a Berra scratch single with two outs in the 9th. In the 11th, Enos Slaughter wins it with a bullpen shot off Leo Kiely. Magic number drops to four…

DET 000 002 001 – 3 9 1
CHI 010 000 001 – 2 6 0
W-Hoeft L-Wynn HR: Lollar GWRBI-Lau
And make that three, bucko. Wynn pitches pretty well for him, but a game-tying single by Martin and sac fly by Red Wilson fill-in Charlie Lau puts the Tigers ahead to stay. The last of the 9th is pure drama: Lollar’s leadoff homer makes it 3-2, and Phillips doubles with two outs. Landis replacement Jim Rivera then rips a shot that’s heading into right field but Charlie Maxwell dives and stabs it for the ballgame!

CLE 015 200 016 – 15 20 0
K.C. 100 060 020 – 9 9 3
W-Grant L-Tomanek HRS: Minoso, Brown, Ward GWRBI-Minoso
Four time’s the charm. McLish puts runners in scoring position for Minoso three times with sacrifice bunts, only to have Minnie make outs. After the A’s miraculously come back from an 8-1 deficit to tie it at 9-9 going to the 9th, Mudcat Grant bunts two more over and this time Minoso wallops one over the wall. In case you haven’t noticed, which is understandble since they’re eliminated, the Indians haven’t been losing many games lately.

WAS 000 000 010 – 1 7 1
BAL 000 000 05x – 5 11 0
W-Harshman L-Pascual HR: Nieman
Not sure what the late 50s word for bummer is, but Washington’s 100th loss qualifies. After Albie Pearson finally knocks in the first run of the game with an 8th inning single, Camilo Pascual coughs up everything but the Cuban sandwich he had for lunch, as a single and error by Bridges and three-run bomb by Nieman puts the Senators over the dreaded century mark.

FINAL PENNANT RACE GRAPHS: Marvel at Milwaukee’s late resurgence! Check out the Tribe! How about dem Yanks, playing .500 ball for the last two months! Here’s the National race, and the American one.

National League through Tuesday, September 23

Milwaukee 86 65 .570
Chicago 82 68 .547 3.5
San Francisco 82 68 .547 3.5
Cincinnati 76 75 .503 10
Philadelphia 72 79 .477 14
St. Louis 71 79 .473 14.5
Pittsburgh 70 81 .464 16
Los Angeles 63 87 .420 22.5

American League through Tuesday, September 23

New York 91 59 .607
Chicago 88 61 .591 2.5
Cleveland 81 69 .540 10
Boston 81 69 .540 10
Baltimore 77 73 .513 14
Detroit 75 74 .500 16.5
Kansas City 56 94 .373 35
Washington 50 100 .333 41